Send a happy surprise to a little one today and cheer up their day!


Box contents:

  • 2 Books based on the age of the receiving child,
  • 1 Dinosaurs Balloon Craft Kit (with full materials to make 3 dinosaurs), and
  • A little message card for the little one!

Currently, our book stocks are catered for children 0-6 years old, and the selection of the 2 books for your HAPPY BOX will be random and a surprise. The focus on the choice of books will be design-driven (meaning we will curate for books based on artistic value / vintage visuals / beautiful colours) so this will be a delightful gift option only if you trust our taste and style! ;)

  • 0-2 years old: Board Books
  • 3-6 years old: Board Books and/or titles from The Little Golden Book unless otherwise mentioned


Age Group

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