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There's no better gift than something handmade. But then again, you don't have to give away your craftwork though it's certainly an option! They'll also look very pretty as a home decor sitting on a windowsill or as a minimalist centerpiece on your dining table!

You can choose to get a Truffala Tree craft kit

(includes 1 mason jar + 8 pom poms of assorted colours + 5 branches + 80cm of tweed rope. Note: you'd need your own glue gun or liquid uhu glue and a strong pair of scissors to trim the branches to desired lengths




Simply order a ready-made from our colour collection to be gifted to someone to cheer up their day. Nothing fancy and over-the-top, just something different and interesting for a change to tell them they're appreciated and loved! It can be your lovely colleagues / mum / sister / bestie.

Each order comes with a message card.



Ready Set Colour Options:


  • Multi-Colour
  • White-Pink
  • Mustard-Olive
  • Blue-Green
  • Brown-Mustard-White-Pink
  • White-Mustard-Brown
  • White-Mustard-Brown
  • White-Olive
  • All White
  • All Pink
  • All Olive


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