Perfect activity for kids!

Create your own coloured dragons in 3 simple steps!

• Colour,

• Cut, and

• Stick!

Each kit contains a full set of materials for you to make 4 dragons!


All you need is a pair of scissors ✂️ , some glue and colouring pencils / markers.


Designed to be simple enough for 3-4 year-olds and fun enough even for older children! If there are kids who are not yet comfortable with a pair of scissors, mom and pop can help out with the cutting too!


Each craft kit contains:

  • 4 paper dragon cut-outs (2 coloured + 2 for colouring in)
  • 4 wood pegs




Step 1 

Colour the dragons.


Step 2

Cut along the dotted line.


Step 3

Apply glue to the gripping parts of the wood peg.


Step 4

Stick the top part of the dragon onto the top part of wood peg, and the bottom part of the dragon to the bottom part of the wood peg where the glue is. Make sure both pieces of the dragon are nicely aligned, and you're done and ready to play!



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