100% cotton with easy adjustable straps.


Designs available:

  1. Bears  [sold out]
  2. Farm Animals  [sold out]
  3. Monkeys and Giraffes  [sold out]
  4. Ocean Life
  5. Party Fun  [sold out]
  6. Rabbit in the Woods  [sold out]
  7. Sun and Clouds  [sold out]
  8. Watermelon  [sold out]



Size of each mask (approx):

  • Width: 18~19.5cm
  • Height: 12~14cm



Kindly note that these masks:

  • are not surgical masks
  • are double-layered but does not come with pocket for filter
  • are handmade so the position of the design elements are not fixed for all masks. every mask will be slightly different depending on which part of the fabric was cut and sewn
  • measurements may be slightly off by 1-2cm as they are handmade
  • colours may be slightly different depending on your monitor screen brightness
  • does not come washed so please wash them before use



Price includes normal mail postage (untracked).


CHILDREN FACE MASK - Assorted Designs (reusable)

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