Whether you are a professional space stylist or a super mum (or dad!) taking on the daunting task of decorating the place for your kid's first birthday party, we are the magic cupboard from which you can get your styling props (both customised or ready-mades) from! 

Dessert toppers • Birthday Signages • Milestone Posters • Wall Buntings • Pop-up Standees • Party Plates and Napkins • Party Invitation Cards • Jumbo Helium Balloons..

We do not provide onsite styling services. You may consider us as the elves in a props-making house that work behind the scene to put together your order as ready packages (either purchased or on rental) delivered to your doorstep.

Take your time to browse through our webstore to see what we have available. If you do not see what you are looking for, we're more than happy for you to drop us a message to tell us what you need and we'll see what we can do to help you with it!


TOUFOOFOO is a moniker of tofu and a family name, Foo.


Tofu 豆腐, when unprepared, is bland and perhaps largely boring to most people. But a good block of tofu will get you through many savoury recipes. It absorbs robust flavours when prepared well, yet still, manages to retain its own unique taste. And the same can be said when it comes to styling up a space, which could start off as a boring, plain white wall or an empty room.

TFF is an embodiment of that same ethos that every celebration styling starts with a plain setting and that the possibilities of an impressive décor, after going through curated props and heart-work, is as creative as your imagination (and of course, budget) takes you.


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