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We specialise in event styling for weddings

and parties.


Not to be confused with event planners, an 

event stylist takes care of the look and feel of your celebration. With a talent for design and décor, event stylists are focused on bringing together the elements that create your desired celebration theme and aesthetic. They differ from planners in that they don't manage the logistics and planning of your event, although they will work with some vendors to bring your event design to life.


TOUFOOFOO is a moniker of tofu and a family name, Foo. Tofu, when unprepared, is bland and boring. A good block of tofu will get you through many savoury recipes. It absorbs robust flavours when prepared well, yet still, manages to retain its own distinctive taste.

We are an embodiment of that same ethos that every event starts with a plain setting and that the possibilities of impressive event décor, after going through curated props and heart-work, is as creative as your imagination (and of course, budget) takes you.


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We believe that beauty lies in the little details.


There's not much we love more than a really big round balloon and perhaps lots of pretty confetti!


Just shop.


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